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We are The Keystone Base Ball Club of Harrisburg. We competitively re-enact 19th century base ball in the Mid Atlantic Vintage Base Ball League.

If you have never heard of 19th Century Base Ball until now, but you truly have a heart for America’s grand old game and how the game was meant to be played, then you need to come to one of our matches or practices. 19th Century “base ball”(two words in the 19th century) is best described as “a game that educates people as to the origins of our national pastime, as well as showcases the early rules and customs of the sport, which stress honor, sportsmanship, gentlemanly conduct and community pride. It is welcomed by spectators as a breath of fresh air from the commercialism and aggression of modern sports. As such, it is considered a genuine family activity. There are typically two distinct eras represented by vintage base ball clubs — Civil War era and post-Civil War. The first play by 1860s rules and the latter by 1880s rules.” (Friendsofvintagebaseball.org)

We practice every Monday evening at 6 PM behind West Shore Evangelical Free Church on Williams Grove Road in Mechanicsburg. Contact Doug Pendergist at dougpend@yahoo.com for more information. By the way, don’t bring your glove – they weren’t used in 1864.

2013 Schedule

03/09/2013 Photoshoot in Strasburg 11:00 – 3:30


04/27/2013 Match Home vs. Philadelphia


05/04/2013 Strasburg Railroad w/ West Chester, Flemmington, and Elkton


05/18/13 National Road Festival Match vs. Frosty Sons of Thunder in Uniontown 4:30


05/25/2013 Match Home vs. Carrol County 1:00


06/02/2013 Match Away in Talbot County vs. Talbot 00:00?


06/08/2013 Match Home vs. Milford 1:00


06/22/2013 Match Away at Harper’s Ferry vs. Brooklyn Atlantics 00:00?


07/07/2013 York Revolution Match in York vs. Brandywine 00:00?


07/20/2013 – 07/21/2013 Gettysburg Festival in Gettysburg vs. ? 00:00?


07/27/2013 Match Home vs. Lewes 01:00


08/03/2013 Match Away in Philadelphia vs. Philadelphia 00:00?


08/10/2013 Match Home vs. Diamond State 01:00


08/09/2013 – 08/11/2013  Silver Ball Tournament at Genesee Country Village & Museum Wheatland, NY 00:00?


08/31/2013 Match Away in West Chester, PA vs. Brandywine 00:00?


09/01/2013 Match Home vs. Brandywine 01:00


09/21/2013 – 09/22/2013 Festival at Philly Naval Yard vs. ? 00:00?


09/29/2013 Match Home vs. Rising Sun 01:00


10/05/2013 – 10/06/2013 MAVBBL Tourney in Allentown, NJ vs. ? 00:00?


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Welcome to the home of The Keystone Base Ball Club of Harrisburg. Check back with us routinely as we add information including our full 2013 schedule.

" The great trouble with baseball today is that most of the players are in the game for the money and that's it, not for the love of it, the excitement of it, the thrill of it. "- Widely Attributed (1925)